Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

At Escondido Hills Chiropractic, we are a family focused chiropractic wellness practice.

Caring for our next generation is the most important job that we have.

We have designed our office to be comfortable for mothers, moms-to-be and children.

Pregnancy & Chiropractic Care

We understand that the health of a pregnant woman is vitally important because it affects both mother and child. Proper nervous system and spinal function is crucial to the development of your baby and essential to the well-being and comfort of mom. The effects of chiropractic care during pregnancy are far-reaching and extend way beyond treating pain.

By ensuring that the pelvis and spine are in proper alignment and motion, chiropractic care helps to ensure that the developing baby has plenty of room to grow within the womb. Maintaining this proper alignment and motion throughout pregnancy, chiropractic care can also improve the possibility of the expecting mother having a safe and natural birth process.

The modern birth process can be stressful for mother and baby. Unfortunately today, many health care providers choose to look at pregnancy as a "medical condition" rather than the incredibly natural process that it is. A woman's body is designed for the birth process.

IMG 20131004 0001My Journey

Old pictures are always funny...That's me!... 12 days before giving birth to my son in 1994.

We chose to have a natural and drug-free birth in order to bring our child into this world in the easiest way we knew how.

My own mother had three rather traumatic vaginal births. Then with chiropractic care and a "doula" she was able to have an easier natural, vaginal birth for her fourth pregnancy... This was in the late 1960's when it was not very common. My mother marveled at the ease of the birth of her fourth child.

As I, my 2 sisters and 1 brother were growing up she shared her story many times with us. She encouraged us to see pregnancy and the birth process as normal and natural. She shared stories about breastfeeding and encouraged us to ask questions and be comfortable with the many aspects of mothering and parenting.

When I became pregnant, I asked my mother to be my coach. We practiced relaxation techniques and talked about our expectations for the birth. The beautiful experience of the birth of our son, and being present for the home-birth of my sister's second daughter is the start of my journey along this path.