Chiropractic care during pre-pregnancy

In the months and days before your child is conceived, there are many important things happening in the mother-to-be’s body (and Daddy-to-be’s, also). We understand that it’s frustrating when growing your family isn’t happening easily.

Many young women today will do a nutritional cleanse or start taking good vitamins before pregnancy because…they know that a healthy mother is more likely to have a healthy baby. A simple check of your nervous system can uncover ways that your body can work more efficiently.

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Where does Chiropractic care fit with conception?

Did you know that competitive female athletes may not have a regular menstrual cycle? In these athletes, very low body fat signals to the body that now is not a good time to develop a baby, so menstruation does not happen. Similarly, a woman’s body that is in an exaggerated level of stress a.k.a. “fight or flight” mode is not in an optimal place for conception to occur.

The nervous system is the Master control system of the body. The release and regulation of hormones are coordinated by the brain, nervous system, and feedback loops from the organs of reproduction. Any added stress on a woman’s body and nervous system can inhibit this system. Cortisol is a hormone that is released in abundance with extra stress and can affect the release and balance of estrogen, progesterone & testosterone.